2016 Honda CR-V: Maintenance Minder | Los Angeles

2016 Honda CR-V
2016 Honda CR-V: Maintenance Minder The health of your Honda plays an important role in the performance and life of your vehicle. The 2016 Honda CR-V uses the maintenance minder system to help keep track of when your vehicle needs servicing. Maintenance minder constantly monitors, measures, and reads sensor recordings located throughout... [read more]

Take the Honda Pilot Elite on a Test Drive or More

Honda Pilot Elite Los Angeles
Visit your Los Angeles Honda dealership to take the Pilot Elite on a test drive, and you will likely decide to do even more and buy the family-oriented SUV right away. The Elite is the top trim level of the Pilot, and the 2016 version has been out for long... [read more]

Honda HR-V vs. Honda Fit: Which Versatile Vehicle Is Right for You?

Honda HR-V Fit Los Angeles
Look for your next small and versatile Honda, and you may find yourself choosing between the Honda HR-V and the Honda Fit. They both have the Magic Seats that fold into several different configurations, but they have different body styles, engines, and features to some extent. Engines, Power, and Fuel Economy Most... [read more]

California Drivers Get to Own the Honda Clarity First!

Honda Clarity California
Get ready for the newest versions of the Honda Clarity — you will be saving plenty of gas. The best news for California drivers is that we will get to be the first to get behind the wheel of the Clarity. It is launching as the Clarity Fuel Cell later... [read more]